Elite Development (Hong Kong) Limited commit to the development of  Original Design manufacturer products(ODM), and also actively assist the business of the Original Equipment Manufacturer products(OEM) & Premium. Customers include Hong Kong's large retail chains and individual store. 
The products are manufactured by "Elite" that wholesale export to Europe, the United States, Asia and other countries. Moreover, "Elite" undertake different quantity of products to satisfy the requirements of customers.
Our products include stainless steel kitchenware, cutlery, ceramic Knifes, bakery products, silicone products, wooden utensils, plastic products and nylon kitchenware. All of our products are qualified by the food safety standards of United States(FDA) and European(EFSA).
With years of experience in manufacturing, "Elite" provides comprehensive services, including product design, raw material purchasing, manufacturing, monitoring, quality control, packing, import and export arrangement, etc.

「立群行(香港)有限公司」致力開發自家設計品牌產品(ODM)外,同時亦積極協助各商戶的委託製造 (OEM) 代工生產及客戶禮品。客戶包括香港大型零售連鎖店及小商戶外,經"立群行"製造的產品亦批發出口到歐、美、亞洲等國家市場。"立群行"同時接受大小貨量生產,以滿足不同客戶的貨量需求。
"立群行"的產品包括:不鏽鋼廚具、刀具、陶瓷刀具、烘焙產品、硅膠產品、木製餐具、塑膠用品及尼龍廚房用品等;而所有產品均符合美國FDA 及歐洲EFSA的食品安全標準。

Elite Development (Hong Kong) Limited is a professional product agent, which is responsible for liaising with suppliers and manufacturers to collect information on different brands of products,
sales market and agent services. "Elite" also has been working as a communication channel between manufacturers and retailer to assist them to expand the retail market.
"Elite" has always been a active marketing services that occupies a absolute advantage in the retail market:
"Elite" assist your company to sell products to the major supermarkets, department stores and the individual shop.
"Elite" extensive business scope and contact with different kinds of people that lead we catch sight of new products for diversified development.
"Elite" understand the market consumption patterns and the needs of the target group. The purchase of different products have targeted marketing strategy.
"Elite" have rich experience in marketing plan and brand development.
"Elite" deeply trust that customers buy products is just the beginning. It is the most important for marketing development that need to keep on purchase and highly recommendation.
"Customers" opinions is motivation for "Elite".

協助 貴公司推銷產品到各大超級市場、百貨公司及各大小店鋪銷售